Wireless Excellence is the designer and manufacturer of the CableFree range of products for high performance wireless connectivity with capacities up to 10Gbps. CableFree products include MicrowaveMillimeter-Wave (MMW)MIMO OFDM Radio4G/5G/LTEFree Space Optics (FSO, Laser Link)  and Carrier Grade WiFi.

Our products are installed for customers in over 80 countries worldwide.
Wireless Excellence is based in Oxford, UK, with an ISO9001-certified manufacturing facility and global channel network of distribution and reseller partners to ensure excellent service and support for customers.

Founded in 1996, Wireless Excellence has achieved several world-first records such as the first Commercially available Wireless Gigabit links in 1999 and continues to innovate with continual release of new and innovative wireless communication products at 10Gbps and beyond.

In addition to wireless networking products we offer a complete range of services including network design, training, support and advice on all aspects of wireless network implementation.

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